Who is NKYPS?

nkyps_logo_sound-wavesWe are a dedicated team in conducting paranormal research. We are very serious about our investigations which we perform as a service to the community and always place the safety and well being of our client and of our team above all else.

NKYPS will always do our utmost to authenticate phenomena through the use of scientific equipment. Emotional support is also of utmost importance when working with individuals who find themselves in this situation – this applies whether our team has any findings or not. Each person’s experience is valid for them.

If the need of the client is beyond our scope or ability, we will not abandon the client but make every effort to locate an individual who has the proper knowledge to offer assistance.

We do not charge for our services whatsoever. Our team considers it a privilege to be allowed into someone’s home or business and entrusted with this sensitive problem. Our investigations will remain confidential and no information will ever be shared unless express permission is given by the client.

Our team is comprised of individuals of many abilities including those whose specialties include electronics, EVP analysis and historical research. We all have personal reasons for researching in this field which mostly stem from personal experiences and fascination with this subject. Whatever our reasons, we all possess a passion for this work.


At the end of 2011, we at NKYPS posted & decided that we were going to stop posting our investigations on the website due to several factors but because a lot of our friends and fans keep asking us to start posting them again, we have decided to do so. We will begin posting them again by late Spring / early Summer in 2014. Thank you everyone for sticking by us and staying on us about starting to post them again.

Your Daily Bread

Starting now until Nov 11th, we will be accepting/collecting donations for the less fortunate as we do every year. This yr it is going to be donated to “Our Daily Bread” who feeds people in need, Mon-fri, giving them a place to come to, kids programs & play area’s and Social Services for those who need it. IF you can please find it in your heart to help/contribute to help them, we, along with them, would greatly appreciate it. We can meet you and pick the items up and if you are not local and still would like to help, I (Christel) do have a Paypal account that you can send money thru and Ill gladly go to the store to buy items or if you want to mail it or a gift card. Lets help make this a great Thanksgiving for them. Please contact me (Christel) at nkyps@ymail.com or 513-344-2078. If you would like to see what all Our Daily Bread does, you can do so here http://ourdailybread.us/ , in 2012, they served over 220,000 hot meals to people/families.


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